We Put Our Customers First,
Just like you do

Our customers are multi-national companies who are, or aspire to be market leaders. We support them with account based marketing, data management and revenue generation services across 5 continents and more than 100 countries. Here are just a few:

Unblock Your Road to Revenue

Road to Revenue encompasses three core elements, which together, help marketing successfully deliver revenue:

Account Based Marketing

We’ll help you clearly understand who you have the best chance of selling to, taking a combination of data analysis and insight as well as desk based and custom research on market potential.

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Data Management

We’ll show you how we can make your marketing data fit for purpose, even if it sits across different business and application silos. By improving the accuracy, reliability and consistency of your data we help you engage with more of the people you want to sell to.

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Revenue generation

We'll take the customer segments identified and work with you to accelerate them to pipeline of qualified opportunities that generate revenue, through sales ‘calls to action’ that we have mutually agreed.

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Why Izen?

We learn what makes you distinctive

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter approach with us. Instead we’ll take a solution and needs led approach to fully appreciate your unique requirements.

We have no ‘rate card’ or production line of solutions but instead always look for fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver tangible outcomes which are mutually agreed.

Your information security is our topmost concern

We know that information is critical to the operations of your business and unlike most in our industry, by being certified to ISO/IEC 27001 standards we give you assurance that we take the protection of our your valuable information assets very seriously. As your partner, we understand that information is your property, that we are custodians of your IP and we would never sell or reuse your information.

Integrity underpins everything we do

We’re not a volume led business and would never take on your project if we didn’t think we could help.

In fact, you might find that we might even recommend an alternative if we genuinely thought that’s what would be right for you. Any advice we offer will stem from all the quantitative and qualitative analysis we have at the time.

We're always here

We understand your challenges and also know how to help you uncover opportunities. We’re always available, happy to listen and share experiences and best practices, so feel free to contact us today for an informal chat.

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