“It’s complicated”. How to improve your data relationship.

How you or your telemarketing agency treats your data can make or break a telemarketing campaign. Good data management creates the foundation of any successful campaign. If you haven’t got to know your data properly before you launch, or if you treat your data poorly, it could all get very messy, stressful and horribly expensive.

And as for a future? Well…

To help you, here is our Cassanova’s guide to data management for successful B2B telemarketing lead generation.

Your first date: pre-campaign audit and de-dupe

Your data sources are likely to be multiple and of varying quality. For example, you’ll source data from events, webinars, brokers, sales reps and your CRM system. So before you get going on any campaign, you need to perform a data audit and de-dupe, making sure you have an agreed format for your consolidated data.

Finding security: cover your assets

Data is critical to your success or failure as a business. Your data integrity is vulnerable in two key areas: data loss from unprotected systems and infrastructure disruption; and data theft by disgruntled employees leaving the organisation.

How do you avoid this?

  1. Make sure you review the security behind how you/your agency hold data, transmit data and protect data in the event of key staff departure.
    Make sure you’re clear on how your staff/telemarketing service manages data in CRM systems.
  2. If you require an agency to access your system, whether on premise or remotely, find out their experience, procedures and processes. For example, make sure your telemarketing agency can provided dedicated end points through a virtual private network (VPN).

Getting deep: stripping bare the heart of your data

The deeper you can delve into your data the better. Data sourced from companies such as D&B, Hoovers and Harte-Hanks are fairly superficial; they won’t help you when it comes to organisational structure, business units and those campaign crucial, deeper levels of segmentation. Nor will they be able to identify the increasingly obscure, emerging job roles.

Instead, what you want is additional data sources that will really spark up a B2B telemarketing campaign. You want not only to identify specific job roles, but also gain meaningful insight from your data. For example, how many servers does the business have, what are their license renewal dates and budget cycles.

If you take these steps in data management, you’ll have a good, solid start to your successful B2B lead generation telemarketing campaign.

Do you have any secrets to avoiding data heartbreak? What works for you?

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your telemarketing service, take our free five-minute assessment.

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