How telemarketing can help drive your business innovation

If you use your telemarketing team to the very best of their capabilities, they can help you drive marketing success and business innovation. How? A good B2B telemarketing agency gets right under the skin of your prospects and customers. They know if they’re talking to the right people. They hear their pains first hand. They know if the message is working or not. Smart businesses will use their telemarketing agents to help them evaluate, adapt and innovate their marketing approach by listening to them before, during and after the telemarketing campaign.

What to avoid

Failure to do this could mean that, for example, you only find out at the very end of a telemarketing campaign that your audience or message is not working and you’ve not therefore fully utilised the benefits of telemarketing. Similarly, you could be missing strategic business opportunities if your telemarketing agents discover that while the object of this particular campaign could possibly help them, in fact X other product/service would be extremely useful to address Y pain.

Stay flexible

Do not be afraid to disrupt the status quo. Flexibility is fundamental to a successful business. Thorough preparation before campaign launch and continuous updates from your team along the way are not only crucial for basic campaign success, but can really open your eyes to your business from the customer point of view. You must be prepared to consider adapting your marketing approach – and even business strategy – based on the important conversations your telemarketing team is having with your prospects and customers.

Assuming you have worked with your telemarketing team to develop your message proposition and script, here are three simple steps to follow that will help you best use telemarketing to support innovation:

Evaluate: From the very first day your telemarketing team picks up the phones to talk to your customers and prospects, it is in your interest to evaluate feedback.

Adapt: If there are doubts surrounding the credibility of your message or the accuracy or relevance of your data, consider refining your proposition and amending your data.

Innovate: Is telemarketing feedback identifying potential opportunities for you to change your marketing approach, your market or even your product or service? Act on this. Customer-driven business is the easiest route to success.

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