Account Based Marketing

In a nutshell, Account Based Marketing forms the foundation for any successful marketing strategy. This information allows sales and marketing teams to align, and see clearly who their target market is. The result? Improved prospect engagement, deeper prospect relationships, and more leads from your marketing campaigns.

In the B2B world, one of your biggest challenges is how to reduce business risk, at the same time capitalising on market potential. How complex are my large accounts and how can I sell to them? How is it structured? What are my customer’s buying preferences? Panic not, these are a few of the attributes we can discover to answer some of those marketing-related questions you face. We understand one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we’ll tailor our services to your needs and spot potential prospects waiting to become your next customer.

Combining data analysis with desk-based and custom research, we’ll work hard to understand and paint a clear picture of your target market. By unearthing this information, we’ll help you create the best marketing strategy for your business – and give you a 360 degree view of your target market universe. With our actionable insight, the possibilities really are infinite.

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Chief Marketing Officer for Redwood Simon Shah talks about predictive analytics, the future of marketing.

Data Management

At the heart of your marketing strategy should sit your prospect data. Up-to-date, good quality, and well-segmented data is crucial in enabling you to connect and engage with the right target audience. Anything less than this and it’s pretty much useless. That is, without our help.

Whether building from scratch, updating and augmenting existing contacts, or nurturing warm prospects, we’ll improve your data’s accuracy and consistency. Our custom data management services can validate across even the most disparate of sources residing just about anywhere; in a CRM, third party database, even Excel. Meaning no more admin nightmares for your sales team. Exposing any gaps at industry, regional, and contact level, we’ll enrich your data with custom insight and segmentation attributes, giving you the muscle power needed to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Along with the management of your data we can also provide best practice guidance on governance risk and compliance for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); the new EU data protection act taking effect from May 2018. We can assist in building awareness and positive perception of using Double Opt-in, a path every business will need to take, resulting in enhanced customer experience along with quality over quantity. Send the right message in the right way with our risk management expertise.

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VP Global Demand Centre for FIS Colin Day, talks about data challenges.

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VP Global Demand Centre for FIS Colin Day, talks about the future of the marketing team.

Revenue generation

IZEN revenue generation services are all about boosting sales team efforts. We'll take your data, identify the right customers, and help accelerate your pipeline of qualified and agreed sales 'calls to action'. By applying our finely tuned best practice, we’ll deliver you well-engaged leads that are more likely to convert.

We’re not ashamed to admit we have a one-track-mind when it comes to our customer’s needs. We’re passionate, rigorous, and on a mission to pursue the right kind of activities to help generate revenue for your business. Highly structured, our tried and tested approach is the result of running thousands of successful revenue generation campaigns. No matter what your solution or service, industry or geographical market, we’re ready to deliver you warm, nurtured, and qualified prospects. Now put that in your sales pipeline and smoke it.

Supporting your marketing strategy, we’ll provide you with a truly integrated approach to your revenue generation initiatives. At IZEN we can work across multiple channels to drive current and prospect customers into your funnel. Whether we establish relationships with your customers or pass you sales-ripened opportunities, we’ll work hard to accelerate your sales and demonstrate greater ROI from your marketing spend.

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